The Pino Outcome:

I love this photo!! I look so normal! But here's what it doesn't show: That I couldn't walk at all! We'd ridden for over an hour. My leg muscles are amazingly strong considering how little work they get to do in real life. But it was lunch time so we stopped for a break, he... Continue Reading →


Pino Pain!

This is going to be a long and interesting journey! It's the bike for us for sure, and we love it. But it's also a bit of a relationship tester. It's like putting everything under the microscope and baring it all! The littlest frustrations, the things that make us feel safe (or not), the communications,... Continue Reading →

Pino Miracles

We’re looking for a bike we can both ride, called a Pino, which we saw at the alpaca place in Dec 2016 when we started planning our second half (more on that another day). They’re REALLY hard to find and it’s been a frustrating battle. Not helped by language barriers. It's difficult to explain how... Continue Reading →

French catch up..

So... I've missed a few blogs. I'm not well. I don't think of myself as a people pleaser but I haven't yet learnt to explain to people that I need to rest, with my feet up, for most of every day. I shouldn't try and sit at the dinner table on upright chairs for more... Continue Reading →

Spain Photos

Some photos just don't make a daily blog. Either I didn't do one that day or there were too many things happening, or multiple stories which got lost in bigger or better stories. So now that we've left Spain behind, here are some of the "leftovers"... Watch this space to see some fabulous videos and... Continue Reading →

New Solar Panel!

So, the new panel arrived in the mail! Woohoo!! Thanks to Paola and Manuel for not only lending us your address, but for organizing an English-speaking Marine-engineer with a fabulous workshop who seriously knew what he was doing. How thin is the panel 😵 It only took a few hours to get rid of the... Continue Reading →

The Big Scare!

It's easy to forget that things can go wrong in an instant, and today we learnt this the easy way. We woke up to the most beautiful sounds of the alpacas, dogs, chickens and kittens by the dozens. This place is magical on so many levels and many of my favourite memories are actually just... Continue Reading →

Happiness Is….

Sleeping in the middle of nowhere, tucked deep under the lip of a huge dam wall, among the trees, chickens, donkeys and even the odd mountain goat. I'll admit it was also a little creepy in a strange way, but it was also wonderful. After a midnight snack of cheese & hams we found in... Continue Reading →

Weekend in Valencia

We spent the weekend in Valencia with "old" work friends, and if you think from the photos that all we did was eat.... you'd almost be right! It's Spain of course, so we got up late, ate late, and went to bed past midnight which was terrible for #MahEeds but I survived and we're sure... Continue Reading →

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