Meet Daisy!

Today we took Daisy for her a maiden journey! Yes, she's been around the block a couple of times, once when I collected her from Tom, and last night after dark once we'd put her back together again. But today we really put her through her paces and she was everything we'd dreamt of and... Continue Reading →


The Weary Travellers!

Sunday midday and all three of us were home safely in Malta! Exhausted but thrilled to be back again. Daisy and I completed the last leg of our journey over the last twenty four hours, off to the airport in the upgraded rental mini (thanks #SixtLuton !!!) with Daisy safely wrapped in two seperate parcels,... Continue Reading →


Truly, deeply, thank you!!!! -to Natalie, EDS-UK Danny, Linda, Roger, Tom, Nige, Michelle, Phoenix, Cat, Sue, Steve, Anne, Majka, Roger, Ashleigh & Lauren ....for putting up with this sore-sorry-for-herself-sad-sack the last 16 days! I've had an almost endless supply of hot water bottles, cups of (hot-of-course) tea, warm beds, wonderful chats, warm meals, the odd... Continue Reading →

A Blessed Weekend!

So sorry I've been quiet again, it's been a REALLY hard time with the identity theft stuff. Seven nights up way beyond midnight and hours and hours of phone calls and paperwork and stress... we've been running on Adrenalin for about 10 days now, and I didn't waste the energy, using it to unpack 80%... Continue Reading →

Identity Theft

Identity theft is real. You haven't heard from us in a while because despite the enormous efforts we go to, to protect ourselves from this evil in the world, late last week we became the victims of identity fraud. Someone, or an organised group of someone's, stole our identities. Not Facebook identities either .... we're... Continue Reading →


So, a couple of years ago I was introduced to the theory of Thermomix. I'm not sure they explained it too well, as it made no sense to me the same time as sounding too good to be true. My hands can no longer chop veggies, and I've always struggled with allergies, as well... Continue Reading →

Opening Boxes!

"Pretend it's Christmas" they say... "It'll be so wonderful seeing your stuff again after five months!" they say.... "Blah blah blah..." they say... Where do I start? I've really and truly tried to be a good girl and to see these boxes through a Christmas filter... but it's just not working for me. Yup, all... Continue Reading →


This year, so far, has very much been about decisions, changes, upheavals, regrouping and so on. None of these decisions were made lightly, and lots of people had things to say about it all, both before and after things happened. "Stay here..." "Go there..." "This (or that) is what you should be doing.." "You're too young"...... Continue Reading →

Five Pillow Day!

Two of his pet hates are cushions and pillows. Two of my favourite things are cushions and pillows. I always thought of them as somewhat decorative but mostly functional. He thinks they're just stupid. Along with the first vague understandings of my health issues came the realisation that pillows and cushions do more than provide... Continue Reading →

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