The Perfect Character Name!

Last week alone I lost up to three hours out of almost every night that I could have been sleeping, three hours of each day that I could have been writing, and I SERIOUSLY annoyed too many of my friends, ....all over trying to uncover THE perfect name for a single character. I blogged about... Continue Reading →


What is a TCK?

A couple of months ago I was on a long haul flight between South Africa and the US, and sitting behind me was a family of four including two small children. By their accents, they were most likely all Americans, although the mother had a slightly different slant to her accent and she looked somewhat... Continue Reading →

Naming My Characters

It's been fascinating reading and chatting with people about how they come up with names for their characters, and even more interesting going through a few exercises myself. Some people have said "don't overthink it, just come up with a name and stick to it, it doesn't mean anything" and then on the other end of... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Alexandra Fuller

I have just finished reading a bunch of books by the same author, (Alexandra Fuller), and I couldn’t put them down! There is no Trilogy or "order" to her books, which aren't exactly in sequence, but I found it easier to read them in the order in which they were written. I first found “Cocktail... Continue Reading →

To Valentine or Not to Valentine? THAT is the question!

Over the weekend my Newsfeed was been filled with a mixture of those adding photos and messages of love, (both sending stuff out there and sharing what they received)... and those deriding the "holiday" and sharing their disdain (or even hatred) for it! My husband and I had a long chat about it last night.... Continue Reading →

First Blog…

So much to say, so much to add, ... I'm torn between Blogging and writing and right now writing is winning (which is a GOOD thing!) but I am not keeping up with my blogs so I think that it is time to move some of the more relevant stuff from there to here, and... Continue Reading →

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