Happy Writing Day!


Today is going to be a really good writing day ….. I hope!

I am sitting here ever so ready for a day of writing, the morning is stunning and there is going to be no one around for the next six hours, so here’s hoping for a good chunk of uninterrupted writing.

Sometimes “perfect” surroundings put too much pressure on me to write well, and other days I churn out so much despite the world directly around me being a complete zoo … so I am not actually sure that there is such a thing as perfect surroundings. Though I have to say that I am learning to appreciate why so many writers go away and hide somewhere for a year to write… very tempting, …but not an option for me.

Plus I tend to be all in or all out. It took me six weeks to write the first draft of the last book, but when I was needed elsewhere for three weeks in the middle, I was able to completely let the book go for when I returned. Now while I am waiting for it to come back from the proof readers, to distract me I started last Friday on the sequel and am about a third of the way through the whole book… For me writing non-Fiction can be so much quicker when the story is there already in every way and it tells itself… (but we still have the long editing months ahead of us and that for me is where the time is, there are no short cuts in this game!)

So Happy writing to all my fellow writers today, I hope that you get pen to paper in a big way no matter what your surroundings are!

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