Who said this?

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I just read this quote on a mug on another author’s page (or an updated version of it anyway, swapping the word typewriter with computer) and fell in love with it. It is how I feel so often when I write, …that I am bleeding onto the page. Especially as I write the first draft, when pen is first put to paper and I see the words written down for the first time ever. Many of my stories have been told before. Most never have been. For those stories that have been told they have been a little white washed and have little to no context. Even telling these stories of me for the first time is deeply painful and hard.

Anyway, I wanted to find the source. I want the mug, I want the saying, …but neither are mine. So who said this? Where does credit go? So I asked Mr. Google and he told me many useless things, but I did find this fabulous article which explains where it came from. Roughly… It would appear that the most likely candidates are Red Smith and Ernest Hemingway, or a mixture of the two.

So it would appear that I can use it anyway, as it doesn’t really belong to anyone, but the popular source is Hemingway, I guess because that sounds like it gets more cred that way?


Break in writing…

image1 2It is exactly 6 weeks since I last wrote.

Writing your own story when it is a traumatic one is hard. The words flow and it is too long already, but it is emotionally draining, it causes nightmares, and I am not a nice person to have around when it weighs heavily on my soul as I write about it…

But I need to tell it as it is first before I start chopping bits out to make it “sellable” and in the right package… and I need to immerse myself in it in order to tell it well.

It is 6 weeks since my last blog post too, because when you aren’t writing you can’t blog either, there is nothing to say and I can’t keep repeating the same thing: that there is too much busyness, too many interruptions, too many things that are spoiling the flow… down to stupid things like the day after we returned home from the writing time away the pipe burst in the bathroom which led to another, then another and yet another problem ….and builders in my house for the last 3 weeks straight. And builders make noise, and mess, and ask a gazillion really important questions that they need to ask… it isn’t their fault and I am thrilled with all the things that were fixed and all the other things that needed doing anyway that are now done. My house is a better place to in … and a better place to write in. I am thrilled…

So now I am hoping that this is it… that the things taking me away are coming to an end and that I can start again! Oh I hope so!!! Sleeping aids are ready to hopefully stop the nightmares, time is set aside, dog is willing and able and cross with me for abandoning her, and we are ready to go!!!