Wearing a Mask

Abuse is one of those horrible things that permeate everything in life; mine, his, ours... and when the repercussions rear their heads everyone gets hurt. We are thoroughly blessed to have the most amazing team around us, and have been unpacking layers of the onion for so long that it is hard to fathom now just... Continue Reading →


Social Media and my Dyslexia.

The biggest problem that I am having with all this social media stuff is my dyslexia! You can't be typing the wrong word, or reading it wrong... and sadly there are no second chances. There isn't an editor or autocorrect or even spell check on SM, and any combination of letters could mean something. Try... Continue Reading →

Instagram! Where have you been all my Life???

I started an Instagram account a while back, but never really knew what to do with it. It always amazes me how something can be wrong at one point in our lives, and yet the exact same thing is "oh so right" at another time. Instagram is a perfect example of that for me. When... Continue Reading →

To join the “Love your Spouse Challenge” … or not?

So in the past week I have been challenged by 2 lovely friends, one to participate in the love your spouse challenge, and the other to NOT participate in it (because it perpetuates the notion of only the top 5% of our lives goes on Facebook). For me both points are extremely valid, and so I have... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

Jennifer Peacock-Smith is an emerging memoirist in the process of writing her first full-length memoir through 2017. Author of "The Lion and the Peacock". Blogger here on WordPress, Regular guest blogger on The Mighty, Surviving My Past, and One Stop Fiction Authors' Group. Jennifer is a South African Australian who has lived in many different... Continue Reading →

First post on my phone!

I'm so sorry to have three days of social media posts but I have decided to focus these few days solidly on getting this right once and for all so that it becomes second nature quickly and also so that the stupid mistakes are out of the way before I get too many followers!  This... Continue Reading →

Update on social media glitch:

So about an hour or so ago I posted about my experiences jumping into the deep end of social media, (keeping in mind that I am not a total newbie, I have been on Facebook almost daily since 2009, have been blogging regularly since 2011, and loove Pinterest... but I have never linked those accounts,... Continue Reading →

Time to hit social media head on…

OK, so over the past week both blogger Ren and writer Marie McLean have encouraged me to hit the big bad world of social media head on and to sign up to all the twittery things that get your writing out there. They both make it sound so simple but it isn't! ... I thought... Continue Reading →

Following the Other Things I Do:

So I don't just blog, I also have a chronic illness (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), and while it not only affects every day of my life but every single step I take (literally), I do manage to do other things: I also blog on Chronic Illness and my journey with EDS: https://myheds.wordpress.com I write (as well as blog), .... I... Continue Reading →

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