Which kind of reader are you?

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.41.09 AMI was just reading this article on real life books and bookmarks, and it got me thinking… I see the writer’s point of view entirely and felt a little sad reading it, that I am no longer in that tactile and beautiful space of real life books. Many of my bookclub friends are also bound (in a positive way) to hard copy books and all that they add to life, …but reading that article made me realise that I am no longer in that camp.

I am totally and utterly converted to e-readers (for me Kindle on my iPhone) and the ease of it in many many ways. I truly thought that nothing could be as wonderful as the smell and feel of a good solid soft cover, hard copy novel, but I am surprised by how quickly I moved on. For me I guess the main reason is simple …if a little embarrassing; instant gratification (if I see a book that I want I can buy it NOW … as in 10pm and curled up in bed now… without having to wait for days if not weeks to get my hand on a hard copy).

Other more practical and less “first-world-problem” reasons are that I actually live in a country that is not big on libraries and so borrowing is a very remote option for me but buying gets expensive and e-copies are usually a little cheaper…. We move a lot with my husband’s job and so bookshelves of books are not a realistic option for us, we travel a lot for the same reason so not having to bring hard copies with me is a huge blessing, and last but not least is that I have health issues with my hands and so reading on my phone is way less taxing than a real book.

So there is my list of reasons why e-readers win hands down for me… even though I wish that hard copies won this battle …. what is your preference and why? Go on, pull at my heart strings…


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