Time to hit social media head on…

OK, so over the past week both blogger Ren and writer Marie McLean have encouraged me to hit the big bad world of social media head on and to sign up to all the twittery things that get your writing out there. They both make it sound so simple but it isn’t! … I thought that I was doing pretty well after thirteen hours straight. Yes you read that right, I started at 9am straight after brekkie, ate a snack for my “lunch” at 3pm while I typed, had dinner (which was not much better) at 6pm… and it is now 10.30 at night…

I was just starting to feel that despite my poor fried brain, I had started to get a vague “#handle” on things when suddenly I started tweeting without meaning to! Somehow linking between accounts may not have been the best idea when there are a lot of photos involved in what I do (and so Facebook posts like this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 10.41.43 PM


which look great, however they have come out on Twitter like this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 10.28.23 PM

(the bottom one appeared as a connection from Instagram, the middle was then from fb as I shared my Instagram photo on my Facebook page (neither of which showed the photo) and then the top one was a different photo that I shared to Facebook. I have NO idea whether to remove the #JPeaSmith handles from my Instagram photos, or disconnect all the Apps from each other or what! (or how!!)… HELP!

…. Oh, and I would hate to think what posting this is going to do!! Here goes…..


1: It looks fabulous on Twitter (yay!)

2: It automatically tweeted FOUR times (yes, four times!!) All identical! why??

3: Hmmm… it automatically posted twice on Facebook! … I think that there is some overkill going on here….

4: Nothing at all happened to Instagram or Pinterest (whew… I think!)

Conclusion as of now: WordPress tweeted it directly and sent it to fb directly … but why twice (for both)? ….and I think that Facebook then automatically tweeted it too…

Step one: remove link between fb and twitter right now! … (although I will post things straight to fb and they won’t go to Twitter then?) double help!!!

Update an hour later: https://jenniferpeacocksmith.wordpress.com/2016/08/18/update-on-social-media-glitch/

3 thoughts on “Time to hit social media head on…

  1. Jen, I’m so proud of you! Yes, it sounds so easy, but wading thru this stuff initially is so time consuming and a tad frustrating. I hope you re-read this blog in a year’s time and a have a little chuckle when it’s so second nature to you. I know I’ll be doing that with my social media journey blogs!


    1. Haha oh I hope it’s like that and I can chuckle soon !! It’s been fun learning and I hope it stays that way …but I need to get it all sorted so that I can go back to writing properly LOL

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