Update on social media glitch:

So about an hour or so ago I posted about my experiences jumping into the deep end of social media, (keeping in mind that I am not a total newbie, I have been on Facebook almost daily since 2009, have been blogging regularly since 2011, and loove Pinterest… but I have never linked those accounts, wanted to promote myself or what I do, and Twitter and Instagram are both new (other than minor dabbling).

It has been a long day and I need to go to bed (it is nearly midnight here in deep dark Africa!). So I am sorry to post such a boring post but it would appear that connecting all social media accounts to each other has resulted in them all sharing each other! So this is what I have learnt so far:

1: The bulk of my writing and all that is serious is written here on my three WordPress blogs. So I wanted whatever to be connected to come from here. Instagram and Pinterest don’t automatically post for you, but Facebook and Twitter do. So I did that.

2: Sometimes I will post pictures or other comments on Facebook or Instagram, so I connected both of them to Twitter…

3: So when I posted a blog, it shared straight to Twitter (yay!) and straight to Fb (yay!) but then Fb shared it’s post to Twitter as well! So I was going to delete the link between Fb and Twitter but then when ever I post to fb it won’t automatically go to Twitter, so again logic, it was the connection between WordPress and Twitter that I deleted. This way I can post blogs and they will automatically post to Facebook, who will THEN post to Twitter, AND, when I put other things on Facebook, they too will go to Twitter.

I am now hoping that this works that way… here goes…

Update a minute later: worked perfectly and no double posts either!! WOOHOO! This post is once on fb and once on Twitter… and the Twitter tweet has the wordpress address and link on it πŸ™‚IMG_6082

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