First post on my phone!

I’m so sorry to have three days of social media posts but I have decided to focus these few days solidly on getting this right once and for all so that it becomes second nature quickly and also so that the stupid mistakes are out of the way before I get too many followers! 

This post is simply having a go at blogging directly from my phone using my WordPress App, and to ask for a little feedback …

PLEEEEEASE tell me if I am doing anything wrong or if you find it hard to “like” “comment” “follow” any of these things (with no pressure to actually do any of those things of course!)


4 thoughts on “First post on my phone!

    1. Thanks Stuart, I only got the App recently (can’t remember why) and it is so much easier for getting notifications, but that was it for me. Then when I set up a Twitter account (and the others) I connected them for instant posting on fb and Twitter and when I looked up how to do it, it is actually way easier on the phone than the computer. While in there I accidentally hit the button to start a new post and bingo it was done so quickly. I am a one finger phone typer so they have to be short, but I am sure that I will do more blogs now, by adding in a couple of short ones between proper blogs πŸ™‚

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