Ethical Tweeting? Part 2

  OK, so I just wrote a whole bunch of waffle and deleted it. Let me try that again and go straight to the point: How do I personally choose who I follow? I am very purposeful about finding great people to follow, so first I check out those who are following me, they get... Continue Reading →


3: Self Care is not following a script…

This one is really simple. There is very much a formula around the space of implementing self care; knowing when to self care, what works for us personally, and sometimes even needing to methodically implement it. Paradoxically however, the worse shape I am in the more I need self care, but also the less my brain... Continue Reading →

FAQ: Chronic vs Acute Abuse

Today's post is a biggy. Not that there is ever anything small about abuse of any kind, but another blogger asked me a question the other day about the word Chronic and what it is. This is SUCH an important question, and the answer even more so. All around us these days we see stories... Continue Reading →

First go at Prompt Writing!

Ok, so this is a first for me, normally I sit down at my laptop, my soul and fingers go for it ... and I hitch along for the ride to see what happens (well not quite, but I am rarely at a loss for what to say and it seems to come quite naturally,... Continue Reading →

An anxious Piece of Pottery

I made this bowl the other day, ... (well, this is only the underglaze, those pencil lines will burn off in the kiln and the colours are all actually bright and dark). But I made it after seeing a similar quote on the Facebook page of a fellow writer, and it speaks to me on... Continue Reading →

Ethical Tweeting? Part 1

Is there such a thing as "ethical social media"? I am passionate about both truth and community. They may sound like somewhat unrelated concepts, but for me they very much go hand in hand, regardless of what our belief system is. I believe that community and belonging are at the most basic level of our... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate in “Keeping it Real”

Last night we watched the movie "What we did on our holiday". It was the second time that I have seen it and I love it more and more. Through a brilliant and totally unpredictable story line, Billy Connolly and David Tennant at their best, and a cast of other actors who all do an... Continue Reading →

2: Self care is not what everyone else says it is

Self care is not simply what everyone else says it is. After I got it through my thick skull that self was not going to force me into a beauty salon, we started looking for other things. One of my psychologists kept telling me to join a bookclub. Again, it did nothing but make me upset... Continue Reading →

1: Self Care is not the same as Pampering.

  Self care can include pampering, but many people (like me) who did not grow up with any kind of care, (self or any other kind), it is easy to confuse the words "self care" with "pampering". Well into my painful and confusing journey towards self care I confused these two things almost all the... Continue Reading →

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