Social Media is Stealing my Writing time!

I know that social media is an important part of getting ourselves out there, but I genuinely and stupidly thought that immersing myself in the deep waters of social media for a week would be enough to understand and get my systems going, and then while I knew that there would still be a good few weeks of taking longer to “do” the social media stuff each week, I would be back to writing again in no time.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 4.04.52 PM

The truth is a vicious cycle, where I am constantly having to learn and research something new, which means that I am not writing anything proper, and because I am not writing anything worth reading, I look like someone who is constantly writing nonsense about SM instead of having anything to say worth following! AAAAAHHHH!!!

Talk about a love hate relationship! If I can hold enough people long enough to get my head around all this, my hope and dream is that eventually I will be able to write again and keep up with this social media thing which I actually enjoy. Having been on Facebook forever, and joining Twitter with a handful of truly helpful and loving people, has made it so much easier, so thank you all for following and encouraging and writing and so on 🙂


2 thoughts on “Social Media is Stealing my Writing time!

  1. Those ones are the Instagram photos which automatically post on fb. The Twitter posts I am keeping off the fb page because otherwise it would get ridiculous (and I am not sure would anything). My blogs don’t have any #s (thankfully!)… I am finding this all really rather overwhelming but at last I am feeling like I am not making so many booboos!


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