#NaNoWriMo2016 Day 3:

So i’m loving the camaraderie, encouragement and excitement around this event. I am so glad that I signed on, but mainly because it actually worked out well for me in that I had an epiphany the night before it started without remembering what the next day was. So I would have been writing all week anyway but this makes it so much more fun. I am not sure what I would have done if it hadn’t all landed in my lap. What if it was on last month instead? Or if I hadn’t had the epiphany? I am pretty sure that I would have either watched and encouraged others who are enjoying it, or else at least made myself have a go at something new, different, or maybe even made myself settle back into writing mode with he things that I am already working on…

Whatever happened I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t be hopping on all manner of social media and started blowing my trumpet and spoiling, judging, slandering and bringing down those who are doing it… What’s with that? I truly feel really sad for those who going to such huge lengths to condemn and “prove” that doing this word count thing daily is bad for us an all round plain wrong. I am sorry for you guys and hop that somehow and in other ways, you can have a good November xx


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