Reason One to Delete You…

(Repost from my old blog from when I started Twitter):

Reason number 1:

I know that we all want to be heard out there. I know that we want to capture the eyes and then the attention of people who might be potential fans and supporters. But there are a handful of sure fire ways to make me NOT want to engage with you. A few years ago, before social media was everything that it is today, I subscribed to an inspiring monthly magazine put out by a humble and beautiful lady to encourage young mothers at home with small children. That was me, and I supported her fully.

However as she her fans grew in numbers she started to produce other things to sell, like recipe books, CDs of her grown daughters singing, books that she was writing and so on. Which was lovely. But I never bought a single one. Every time she mentioned them they came with the tag lines “you will want to buy the whole series” and “you will be inspired by the songs”, and you will want to buy more of these to give as gifts”.

Telling me (the reader) how I will respond and what I will think of her things. I don’t like being told what to do by people who have no authority over me, but more than that, I felt robbed of the options of having my own opinions about these things, and should I actually want to do any of that (want to buy more, be inspired, etc) then should I say that, I look like I am simply regurgitating what the tag line says.

I believe in people having all kinds of responses to all things and that each and every one of those responses are real for them. Even if someone simply HATES my stuff, then that is what they feel, and those feelings are valid. They may come from seeing life through a filter of anger, what I do or say or produce might trigger something sad or painful in them, ….one never knows what people spontaneously feel and it is not my job to either dictate or to judge that.

I am not responsible for how they feel, but nor is it my job to tell them how to respond either. I write, I blog, I create… and I put my stuff out there. I hope that some people like it, are inspired by it, are encouraged by it, and when I write a book one day I hope that some people like it and buy it. But those are the desires of my heart, and the intensions behind what I do. What people out there actually feel, and how they actually respond, is totally up to them.

When they give me feedback, they are never regurgitating my tag lines, and I know they they are telling me what they are actually thinking, and that means a lot to me.

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