Reason Two to Delete You…

img_8942Reason number 2:

(Repost from my old blog from when I started Twitter):

I have read a lot about sending bulk DMs and that this is a sure fire way to lose followers as well. I can see why that is a problem for many, but it doesn’t irk me as much as that and I won’t impulsively delete you for it as I feel that it would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater in many cases and I could miss some great people just because they thought that automated DMs is a good idea. But it does leave me feeling as though you are treating me like a number and I don’t like that, …so now you have to prove yourself more than had you said nothing.

My last blog was about the tag lines that try to draw people in by telling them what they will think about you and your stuff, but automated DMs put just as many people off (if not more) than that. So when an automated DM starts off by telling me that Your blog will inspire me, that I will want to buy your stuff, or that I will love what you do, is double demerit points in my book.

There are hundred and thousands of people out there vying for my attention, my follow, my read, my endorsement and I would appreciate the freedom to hand those out on merit alone…

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