Don’t Judge the Couple of Their phones!

My husband and I loooove road trips. We love travel in general but if we can go somewhere that we need to be within 8 hours drive then we always prefer to take that option rather than fly. This year alone we have done Joburg to Durban and back three times, Vegas to San Fransisco through Death Valley & Yosemite National Park, Joburg in South Africa to the “Kingdom in the Sky” country of Lesotho (and back) and this December we will be driving for nearly three weeks through South Africa and the Cape.

We love to take the scenic routes and the backwaters and we love to stop to smell the roses. I love taking photos and I love to write. Driving slows us down and opens our eyes and gives us a break from an otherwise extremely busy life. We talk and laugh and squabble and snack for hours on end, day after day after day and it fills our souls and deepens our relationship. We unpack thoughts, ideas and earlier conversations and we bounce ideas, dreams and propositions off each other. We brain storm and I tell him about my writing and he tells me all about his work.

I tell you all of this because while we travel with our phones, they are packed away for all these trips. They are on, but we don’t answer them unless they are urgent and when we aren’t in our homeland we have no phone coverage or internet at all. It’s wonderful.

And so when we stop for fuel, the loo or refreshments and there is free wifi, we jump on to catch up on the family, work and other goings on. We shoot off a couple of emails and we share pictures and other social media news that we find. We laugh and compare notes but often we are totally ignoring each other.

This is us right now (well, I was in the chair but I got up to take this pic and he didn’t even notice haha). It is an expensive fire side romantic meal on a cold cold night. And I am writing this blog on my phone while he is checking the weather and answering a barrage of work emails. The nature of his work means that he is never off duty but the flip side is that we get to travel to all kinds of wonderful places because we can work from anywhere.

This is the only place for dinner tonight and I am having Scampi because it is on the menu and one of my favourite bloggers was talking about why her blog is called Scampi n Chips today so it felt apt. The couples around us are snickering and judging us … the couple who are ignoring each other in this beautiful place … sitting on their phone.

So many places we go to “challenge” people to get off their phones and live … as if we don’t! We get to travel because our work is mobile … but only if we are connected. How many other couples spend 8 or 9 or 10 hours straight “living” and laughing and connecting? Judge us all you like but it is 8pm and we have been traveling together since 10 this morning. That’s 10 hours straight … and after dinner when we bundle into our romantic room alone …. we won’t be wasting THAT time catching up on emails 😉


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