The Lion and the Peacock

Thanks Ren what a great post… thank you! Funny how you inspired me first, so don’t forget that!

broken down body

Next time I’m complaining that my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome has turned me into a useless blob, I’m going to remind myself that my fellow EDS-er, blogger and spoonie wrote a freakin’ book!


It’s not very long, in fact, it only took me an hour to read it on my Kindle app – which is good as an hour is just about the limit of my attention span these days. The Lion and the Peacock is a short book about Jennifer Peacock-Smith’s battle with anxiety. I believe that it was due to be a chapter within a larger book, but the decision was made to make it into a short publication in its own right. It works really well in this format.

I don’t suffer particularly from anxiety, but I care very much about a few people who do. This book explains in some relatable anecdotes just WHY anxiety behaves like…

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