It’s Still All About the Writing!

Thank you to EVERYONE who made a massive difference to October and Art Blitz month! I am blown away by the support, generosity, and sales of course. And especially the success of my baby YouTube channel! It was a huge call to incorporate all the parts of me in one space. Well, nearly all of... Continue Reading →


What’s in the Prize Pool?

At the beginning of October, there were the following gifts in the Prize Pool. Those with blue links were filmed being made, and are on YouTube (just click on the blue link to watch). The first two I failed to video sorry! Which will you choose if you win? There is a pair of smaller green... Continue Reading →

Purple Heart Award

As many of you know, I love the little people. I love the diehard supporters, and I love the people who are constantly there for others in all the little ways which add up to huge ways. As I was thinking through October Art Blitz and the giveaways for the people who score the most... Continue Reading →

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