Control Your Newsfeed 2

In THIS post last week I talked about gaining some control over your newsfeed by tweaking the "top end". This was about the "see first" options where we are allowed to pick 30 Facebook users only, whom you can always see what they post, and "see all posts" for all groups and pages that you... Continue Reading →


Scale or Genre?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who agrees that not all Romance books are created equally. Neither are all crime novels, all memoirs, or all violence-themed thrillers. To me, there is a clear scale, and in our Writing Group we have been discussing this at length. It's a hard discussion to have because we also all... Continue Reading →

Author Instagram!

So I've heard there's no point in Instagram for authors. But here is how it works for me: 1: First and foremost, I think of it as my shop window. People who love Instagram (and LOADS of people do!) look people up authors and people they are interested in and if there's nothing there, then... Continue Reading →

How Do I Tell Them Their Writing Sucks?

How do we support fellow authors when we feel their writing is not of a standard that we would be proud to share? Today's question is a lot more sensitive than usual as none of us wants to hurt the feelings of fellow tribe members. But the reality is, we come up against this problem... Continue Reading →

Take Control of Your NewsFeed!

Today's questions are all about how to follow your favourite PAGES and GROUPS on Facebook. This is super important for a few of reasons: 1: If you run a page or group yourself, you want to be able to tell your followers and supporters that unless they take a few steps to make it happen,... Continue Reading →

Nov Author Blitz!

It's November!! That means that the October #ArtBlitz is over, and it's time for #NaNoWriMo (woohoo!!) and November #AuthorBlitz ! Thank you to last month's winners and I look forward to seeing who wins this month! The competitions are back on, and again I will be awarding three prizes at the end of the month.... Continue Reading →

Brand Ambassadors!

What is a Brand Ambassador? Let me start by telling you a bunch of facts which I seriously dislike but cannot do anything to change. They are like gravity... they happen whether I want them to or not, and they don't just happen now and then... they just are! 1: We are moving to an... Continue Reading →

Flatline or Sky High?

All authors love Am8zon reviews. And not because of vanity or approval, but because in many ways these reviews have become the modern measure of authory success, the virtual currency of the trade, the key to certain otherwise closed circles, and the gold stars of literary approval. They are needed if one is to succeed.... Continue Reading →

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