Wrap Up for 2017!

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Well, in theory, it’s 2 days till Christmas, …..but we can’t wait that long (and life of course, is complicated!) …so for our family, this year, today is Christmas Eve (very convenient for a Saturday), tomorrow is Christmas Day, and both Monday & Tuesday are Boxing Days 🙂

I’ll try and keep this short, as we all spending so much time reading annual newsletters and catchups, but I don’t want this opportunity to pass completely and I suspect the next week (like the last) will be spent with treasured loved one, so not much work will be done!

2017 has been an AMAZING year for us on so many levels. In January The Lion and the Peacock not only became a reality but about 6 weeks ago (and 10 months in) we crossed the 10,000 downloads line! I couldn’t have imagined that in my wildest dreams and the feedback has totally blown me away!

Mind you, if half the wonderful emails, messages and so on translated to actual Ama8on reviews and all countries could see all the reviews then it would be AMAZING. I’ve failed miserably through the year to get through to my readers how important those reviews are and that until I can get 50 on the .com site (many have left their reviews on .au / .com.uk / .ca etc which is fabulous but stupid Ama8zon doesn’t show them across the board. I don’t know how to do this better so I would be most grateful for suggestions! (and even more grateful for reviews!).

My Author Facebook Page which I only really started making something of in May this year has grown to over 500 followers, so that is also really exciting. As I’ve emersed myself in a small handful of incredible writing and reading groups like

As I’ve emersed myself in a small handful of incredible writing and reading groups like The Readers Review Room, (RRR), We Love Memoirs, (WLM), and of course the various parts of the OSFARG Family (One Stop Fiction Authors Resource Group), I have developed and become emersed in some amazing tribes. I don’t even write fiction but the OSFARG group are the most AMAZING group of authors with unbelievable resources and all run by my incredibly talented and beautiful cousin Kathryn!

So to all those people who write to ask for publishing help, you’ll know that the first places I send you to are the OSFARG and RRR groups. It’s been a great year for me in both those places with amazing support and some beautiful friendships.

There is much that I missed this year too, for all kinds of reasons, but it’s been a year of learning, growing, finding my voice and my space to a degree. Thank you to so many people (I was going to start naming names but realized how many of you there are!) who have come into my life in 2017 and made such an impact. Thank you, thank you!

There are dozens of things I wanted to do before this year is out but in the end, the opportunity to hang with some my beautiful children is just too good to pass up and I’ve been hiding under a rock for a week, …. where I plan to stay till the year ends.

2018 is going to be AMAZING! It’s all under tight wraps for now, so I can’t even hint, but watch this space!

Be safe this busy season, all of you please! And I’ll see you in January 🙂


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