Mild Malta Mayhem!

We’ve fallen in love with Malta. Up until a few short months ago, it had been a theoretical place for us, somewhere we’d heard of, near Italy maybe?

Then out of nowhere, it became a very real possibility to spend a couple of years being just the two of us. No longer being or doing all the things others needed us to be. No longer trying to squash our faith, family or future into the dregs of life left behind from a busy (yet exciting and fulfilling) corporate life. There is much we are giving up for this life stage, much we will lose. But more than anything, we believe we will gain much much more.

More time to write, time to find ourselves and heal our souls, time to put into practice all that we believe and have learned. Time with our children and grandchildren. Time to breath!

It is by no means an easy way out, and there is much that is really hard about what we are doing. So don’t expect this to a fairy tale journey.

For starters, why Malta?

Europe is somewhere that #MrS has some great work connections and offers of interest in the portfolio that he has built up so passionately over the past couple of decades. He has grown an amazing amount of wisdom, experience and know-how, and neither of us wants to see that wasted. It would be a devastating loss of so much if that was to suddenly switch off. work to keep his mind ticking Neither of us has any heritage in Europe close enough to allow us to live here.

He simply can’t keep working the extent that he was and have the time and headspace left over to do all the things we believe we are called to do, for family, for God, for each other. There is no possibility of a middle road. So to keep working with a select group of companies and individuals makes a whole lot of sense on a number of levels. The least of which to keep his mind ticking.

But neither of us has any heritage in Europe close enough to allow us to live here. Malta stepped in to fill that gap (for a fee of course!), and suddenly we find ourselves with an opportunity to make it our base for the next few years. So we’ve come here for 10 days to check out the lie of the land, to sign papers and get a feel for what our lives will look like, and to get as many balls rolling as possible. (We call these balls Maltesers of course 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

And we’ve fallen in love! Sort of… There is soooo much of this tiny country in the middle of the Mediterranean that is absolutely incredible. The history, the culture, the people. It’s all amazing. And yet also very strange to us as well. There is either a dead calm to the place, where it feels, unlike other countries we’ve been to who have siestas, like a ghost town, or there is an endless, almost hysterical buzz. Mostly good and happy laughing and conversation sounds; but also children screeching, horns blowing, background music coming from a number of different sources, car tyres screeching, motors revving and roaring, shouting, arguing, laughing, radios, TVs, …. basically what we’ve come to describe as Mild Malta Mayhem!

We have much to get used to and it’s going to be quite the journey, but as a place to call home for a while, somewhere to build a small nest as we live truly globally for a while, this is a great place to hang our hats for a season…


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