Winding Down Well!

Written a couple of weeks ago in Orlando Florida:

I hate goodbyes. The real ones anyway. And June has become for us the beginning of our second half. I think I expected the last official day of work to be the beginning, but as we are needed for other things less and less, as some people move on way before the finish line (without even saying goodbye), because quite frankly, we are no longer of any use to them, well, I guess there’s no point sitting around moping.

There are other people we love that we can pour our limited resources into and there is much enjoyment to be gained in the stopping to soak it all now, instead of only when July rolls around.

So we are counting our blessings and making sure we stop to be with those who will follow us through to our second half.

We want to wind down well, to say the goodbyes in the best ways we can, and we are soooo thankful for the beautiful relationships that are true and genuine and rich.

To those who love us just as we are, and who’ve been so great as these changes unfold, thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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