First Week in Malta

I’m really not sure what I expected for our first week in Malta. I’m pretty sure, however, that it didn’t include being quite this hot, such a truly crappy AirBnB (we’re here for the month so we’re sucking it up and having a bit of a laugh), or an ear and chest infection (caught from the grandkids before we left I’d say, helped along by 27 hours of flying then a swim in the ocean).

But those and grumpy husbands aside, it’s really been quite amazing. Our estate agent took us to look at potential places to rent, we fell in love with one and decided to sign on immediately, …till she confessed it was 33% above the top side of our budget, and twice what we were hoping to pay. A total waste of everyone’s time and since then, everything else we saw sucks in comparison!

The upside, however, is now we know what to expect as “normal” and as we really do want to live in a small town far from the hustle and bustle of busy cities, we managed to find a really sweet agent who lives in the town we love the most. Yesterday she introduced us to the sweetest couple you could imagine, who are in the process of building some stunning little apartments right in the middle of town. Apartments that we now know are special because we know what to compare them to.


The property belonged to his grandfather who was born right in the original home, his father was born only a block to the south, and himself three doors up. Such heritage, such “local” and what better authenticity than the actual people … without having to live in a 300-year-old house with 100-year-old plumbing and 50-year-old electricity! We really do love the old, and the stone, but the amenities, especially in this heat… no thanks!

The apartment is perfect in every way, new, fresh, spotless … except it has no views (but oh well, that’s what the camper van is for right?) … oh, and it doesn’t have a kitchen yet! But amazingly, the rest of the rooms, including bathrooms, are perfect, so they’re happy for us to unload our container of belongings in … and to store them there while they finish the kitchen. We will spend much of September collecting the camper van in the UK, and all of October driving across Europe, …and it should all be done by the time we return. So it works out perfectly for all of us.

So there are no real photos yet really, it’s just a shell. But it’s exactly what we need: a perfect blank canvas in a gorgeous little town, where we can settle in and make a nest for the next few years, and I got to choose the curtains, the place for the fridge, and they’ll plum the freezer in for us. We’re over the moon.

THIS is what we hoped for … beautiful people, beautiful countryside, small village, a garage to house the camper van when we need to, and just the right place to get those memoirs out from! What a blessing!!!


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3 thoughts on “First Week in Malta

  1. Sounds just what you would have ordered – patience is a virtue and it came into practice this last week or so. Praying you are both feeling better – God does go before us even if we have a few hiccups in the meantime. Sending hugs and love. Shirley


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