Author Spotlight Series: Introducing Jennifer Peacock-Smith

Oh wow, How wonderful for this to pop up on my feed today 🙂 🙂 🙂


JenniferJennifer Peacock-Smith wrote a story for our September 2018 New Beginnings issue titled: New Life.  Jennifer shares with us a recent event from her life—a birth of a grandbaby. 

“Breathing in that new baby smell and watching her tiny fingers and toes I have to wonder, will she use those fingers to paint or sew, to write or play an instrument? Will they be more interested in balls and frisbees,
will they be used to heal and nurture or conquer mountains, real or metaphorical?
Her whole life lies ahead of her.”

Here is Jennifer’s bio (and a synopsis of a new book coming out soon):

Truly a global citizen, Jennifer Peacock-Smith is a South African Australian currently living in Europe. Having recently turned fifty, she’s heading into the second half of her adult life with the same warrior spirit that helped her survive the first. Penning her memoirs has…

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