Trial Run.

It took till Friday (yesterday) to set off on our first “trial run”. We hadn’t decided to do one as such but this past week has been one of regrouping in more ways than one. He spent days researching security options for Hitch, much of which needed ordering online, and then we needed to wait, install, practice, fiddle, discuss, and so on.

Our dear hosts Nigel & Michelle were very patient with us, and poor Nigel came down with the flu. The autumn winds settled in at about the same time, and there was much work to catch up anyway (editing for me and schoolwork for him), so as they did their thing we hunkered down, battened down the hatches, and created a whole new level of relative security; light sensors, heavy chains, bike cover, and even a security camera.

We still jump a little when someone passes Molly a little close, …or a leaf rustles, but I guess that’ll pass in time.

We hope we didn’t overstay our welcome, but Cat didn’t appear to want us to leave which was heartwarming!

So with Hitch secured nicely to his spot on Molly’s back and round one of the renovations complete, we hit the road yesterday and made for the south coast and the British cousins.

A quick camping shop stop at the very end of the British camping season was a brilliant last thought idea which yielded 2 camping chairs, some melamine crockery which looks like gorgeous pottery, and a much-needed kettle. It wasn’t quite the colour I’d choose normally but it does look better in real life and I quite like it. I’m looking forward to trying it.

Twenty-four hours with the cousins in their gorgeous cottage finished off the week perfectly. Molly and Hitch were very happy on the level street out front, and we slept like logs. We also forgot to take people photos there was so much talking to be done.


Apple Crumble with the last of the apples from their own tree rounded off the week perfectly.


Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 17.04.59

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