Wild Camping!

I love many things wild. I think in some other life I’m part wild child, flower child, hippy even … to a point though. I’m not entirely sure where the line is though, but I love nothing more than sleeping under the stars … (except my health won’t allow it). So when I imagined a life in a campervan, I had visions of stars and forests and beautiful vistas… from the comfort of an AMAZING bed! I’ll put it out there now: I have a strong dislike for Caravan Parks. I think they can be fabulous for families and certain life stages, but the idea of another tent or caravan a foot from my door is not the same thing as sleeping in the wild (for me). I want to get away from it all, not have to listen to next door neighbour’s movies, drunken stories, children running around at 5am. I want to read and listen (and watch my own movies of course – but not bother anyone either).

So when I heard of wild camping I was even happier, but my very conservative other half was not so sure. Wild Camping to him sounded like hiding in car parks for the night and the police knocking on the window at 3am telling us to move on. I admit, I thought there’d be some of that too, which I don’t like, but I also thought of forests and beaches more.

But it turns out that it’s the best of all of that! Running country pubs and farms across the UK (and Europe) is expensive these days and there aren’t enough chimneys in any one village to support them any more. So they need to attract people from further afield. It turns out that most pubs in the UK are allowed up to three campers overnight in their car park. So why not bring in three extra van loads of people and in exchange for a clean loo, a place to park (often with a stunning view of farmland or rivers etc) they have their beer or even a meal, in your pub (or buy some of your apples).

Some farmers and publicans have taken it a step further and provide showers, clean drinking water to fill up tanks, others go even further and ask a small fee of just a few pounds for even more including electricity and more formal sites. There’s a whole world out there of campers, sites you would never know exist, fields, orchards, river banks…. with kind, informative, friendly fellow travellers and all the open sky, privacy, and room you could ask for, and much of it almost free!

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 17.04.59

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