I think I’m going to have to post more regularly as things get so out of date so quickly! We woke this morning to a leisurely getaway from Nigel’s house in England, popped into the supermarket for some last minute supplies (more on that later), then drove an hour to Dover, hopped on the ferry, all without me even leaving Molly!

A couple of hours on the ferry with my blanket and hot water bottle and before we knew it we were landing in Calais, drove across the top of France, through to Belgium, and arrived in Bruges by 5pm!

Thanks to our Wild Camping app we’ll be spending the night along this canal in the middle of town. A short walk to the city square, the best waffles I’ve ever had, a local beer for him to enjoy by the canal with the harbour master (& new best friend) and our first night in Europe appears to be quite the success!

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 17.04.59

PS: Thanks so much to those who’ve offered to support and keep asking where and how! I’ll keep these links at the bottom of my posts for the next month 🙂 They’re the easy, no-spam emails I’ll send out no more than weekly (and believe me, I miss sending half of those) till the book launches and you can get your free copy!

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