A Blessed Weekend!

So sorry I’ve been quiet again, it’s been a REALLY hard time with the identity theft stuff. Seven nights up way beyond midnight and hours and hours of phone calls and paperwork and stress… we’ve been running on Adrenalin for about 10 days now, and I didn’t waste the energy, using it to unpack 80% of the boxes and do almost all my Christmas sewing. The upside is I’ve done about a months worth of stuff in ten days, the downside is it’s hard to turn it off again. It’s false energy and not good for me, but it was better to use it than allow it to turn into anxiety.

Friday was twelve days in the flat and it was time to leave again. It was just starting to feel like home and I miss it terribly! But we needed to leave for a few weeks for Visa “stuff” and he was off to Israel for two weeks anyway, so I flew alone to the UK. To spend the two weeks collecting and bringing home our Daisy, who I’ll meet and collect tomorrow.

This is me at the airport ready to go, with my luggage… one huge (but very light) bag filled with the packaging and cardboard and bubble wrap that I saved from unpacking our fridge in the move! This will be used to wrap Daisy to safely bring her home 😊

But in the meantime, through my search for Daisy, a fabulous young lady called Natalie found me. She not only has EDS herself, but she also runs her local EDS support group, and works for EDS-UK, and… she and her husband also ride a Hase Pino! She also used it to strengthen her body and it’s so encouraging to see how much it’s done for her, and to validate this investment in my health.

They’ve lovingly taken me in, been the most amazing hosts, and it’s been two days of wonderful English life, from the local Christmas market this morning to a place at the table of her wonderful family …and roast lamb dinner (one of my most favourite meals!).

Yesterday I had the privilege of joining her EDS support group and it was amazing in ways it’s hard to explain, …sitting in a room with a dozen others with EDS, who talk about so many things I’ve lived my whole life with, and no one has to explain anything! Good, smart, normal people in agony, sharing their stories of life, diagnoses, pain, problems, suffering, thriving, and how we all deal with a world who judges and ignores us (for the most part). Lots of healthy laughter too.

It’s also very cold here, especially after Malta! But it’s manageable after Canada, and I’ve loved being a part of all these lives… including dogs and chickens and ducks and markets, and I’m super proud of myself for sticking to my new eating plan … especially hard when it’s coming into Christmas!

(Though Tescos are coveting all their bases and Easter Eggs are already out! Right next to the Christmas mince pies!):

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2 thoughts on “A Blessed Weekend!

  1. Lovely, so happy for you that you had a good time with wonderful people. And excited for you that you have Daisy. Wishing you increased good health. xx


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