The Weary Travellers!

Sunday midday and all three of us were home safely in Malta! Exhausted but thrilled to be back again.

Daisy and I completed the last leg of our journey over the last twenty four hours, off to the airport in the upgraded rental mini (thanks #SixtLuton !!!) with Daisy safely wrapped in two seperate parcels, a 3:45am alarm, flight, #wheelchairassist followed by a flight over the #FranchAlps, across the #MediteranianSea, and a bumpy landing into #malta where #Molly was there to meet us!

We haven’t put Daisy together again yet, but all pieces are accounted for and look fine! Out cake the Thermomix and in the blink of an eye we had delicious risotto for lunch and homemade pizzas for dinner!

Nighty night from one VERY happy little household!!!

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