New Look, New Book!

It’s not quite official yet, but the long-awaited, much anticipated first book in my memoir series is just about ready! Amazon is doing their thing, we’re just sorting out pricing and fiddling with boring things like blurbs and bios… all of which I hate doing. But it needs to be done and by Monday we should have all the links and the ball will begin to roll. It will be ten weeks till launch but if you’re on the email list I’ll sneak you some photos, snippets, and even the first chapter!

I’ll tell you more about it this week, but in the meantime we’ve both been completely lost down the rabbit hole of artwork, cleaning up links, giving this old blog a new look, dotting all the “i”s and crossing all the “t”s. So if you notice anything that needs fixin, pleeease tell me!

I’ve even updated the “Who am I?” post HERE which was very out of date, so check it out if you’d like.

And I love my header. I do almost all my writing on my lap in bed, at airports, on couches, in Molly…. so I no longer have a real desk, so my new header is the one I created. It’s my imaginary desk, (though the photos are real… I took them and pieced them together)… I think I need to add a cup of tea, what do you think?


If you’d like to receive the first chapter of My Africa My Home – The Fault in the Family Memoirs Book 1 (for free, in your mailbox), then sign on for my “big news only” (I promise I won’t spam you! I only send them when something important is happening) then click HERE.

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