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  Comments: I love hearing from you and so please feel free to comment on any of my posts, I endeavor to answer all of them. Anything attacking or rude will, however be deleted. Email: You can also email me on: but please understand that I am often flat out and may take time to respond.... Continue Reading →


Memoir Writing.

I loooove train rides. Especially sleeping trains. They are my passion and my favorite place in the world to be. My writing for me is very much a series of train trips as it is all about the various journeys that I travel on in life. My health, my heart, my faith, my personal growth... Continue Reading →

FAQ: Why no Family & Friends Launch Pad?

I wrote this article a couple of weeks ago on the family and friends launch pad that many of us launch or social media platforms off, and the fact that I don't have one, which doh, I should have realised would prompt people to ask me why. So here it is: For all kinds of... Continue Reading →

FAQ: Chronic vs Acute Abuse

Today's post is a biggy. Not that there is ever anything small about abuse of any kind, but another blogger asked me a question the other day about the word Chronic and what it is. This is SUCH an important question, and the answer even more so. All around us these days we see stories... Continue Reading →

Twitter’nStuff; hindrance or help?

Nearly 6 years ago I started my first blog. It was private with only a small handful of readers that I trusted. "Share your heart" they said. "Share your story" they said. "We will listen and hold your hand" they said. And some did. But most just read it without support, feedback, thanks or encouragement.... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

Jennifer Peacock-Smith is an emerging memoirist in the process of writing her first full-length memoir through 2017. Author of "The Lion and the Peacock". Blogger here on WordPress, Regular guest blogger on The Mighty, Surviving My Past, and One Stop Fiction Authors' Group. Jennifer is a South African Australian who has lived in many different... Continue Reading →

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