The Timeline…

"Are we there yet?" You know that season when the children are way too small to understand time and distance, yet big enough to ask the question of whether or not we are there yet... over and over and over? It's a standard adult/parent joke because it is such a constant across cultures and countries.... Continue Reading →


Redeeming Rhythms

One of the very first steps to our second half is all about "redeeming our rhythms". Most people look at me blankly when I tell them this and you're going to hear about them a lot, so maybe I should explain... Redemption: The action of regaining or gaining possession. Or, the action of saving or... Continue Reading →

Follow the Journey!

So many of those around the world have asked me how they can follow our journey into the next phase of life. They want to know what's happening with the Kombi camper van, where we're going next, and how this is all going to play out. But the next question they keep asking is "Why... Continue Reading →

Mild Malta Mayhem!

We've fallen in love with Malta. Up until a few short months ago, it had been a theoretical place for us, somewhere we'd heard of, near Italy maybe? Then out of nowhere, it became a very real possibility to spend a couple of years being just the two of us. No longer being or doing... Continue Reading →

Packing up one’s life!

People keep telling me how brave we are. It feels weird, as we don't feel brave. The theory of packing up our lives and having a season to rewind, repurpose, rewire our lives sounds to most people who've responded as a great idea... but brave. Why brave? Are we stupid, blind, crazy? Am I missing... Continue Reading →

The Hippy, the Potter and the Queen!

I have just finished having the most hilarious lunch I've had in a long time. It was the seventy third birthday of an old friend of mine, and I basically gate crashed without meaning to. Who would purposely want to gate crash a seventy third birthday lunch anyway right? WRONG! There was my dear birthday... Continue Reading →

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