Winding Down Well!

Written a couple of weeks ago in Orlando Florida: I hate goodbyes. The real ones anyway. And June has become for us the beginning of our second half. I think I expected the last official day of work to be the beginning, but as we are needed for other things less and less, as some... Continue Reading →


Wrap Up for 2017!

Well, in theory, it's 2 days till Christmas, .....but we can't wait that long (and life of course, is complicated!) for our family, this year, today is Christmas Eve (very convenient for a Saturday), tomorrow is Christmas Day, and both Monday & Tuesday are Boxing Days 🙂 I'll try and keep this short, as... Continue Reading →

Free right now!

About now, the west coast of the USA has flipped over to Friday and my book on anxiety (The Lion and the Peacock in case you hadn't heard) is therefore free for roughly 24hrs starting now. So wherever you are in the world, grab it now! I added a free workbook a couple of month... Continue Reading →

Author Groovy Lee!

Today I had the privilege of speaking with author Groovy Lee. Here are some of the things that she shared with me. If you would like to know more about her, check out her links at the bottom of the page 🙂 1.       Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? I live in... Continue Reading →

Infiltrate or Collaborate?

Two completely different words, with completely different meanings, and yet some people get them totally mixed up! As you know, I am all about collaboration, "paying it forward", and being a genuine part of a community. If an author wants to sell their books they need to build a launch team and if they want... Continue Reading →

Interview with author Alex Carver

Hi Alex, it's nice to meet you. I see that you write under your pen name, are you able to still tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m 30 ish (with the emphasis on ish) in need of exercise, though I blame that on sitting at a computer all day, and I have an... Continue Reading →

Ethical Launch Teams Part 2:

 Yesterday I started a Facebook Group for anyone who is interested in the whole concept of Launch Teams. With so many people doing their own publishing, it has become imperative to also do one's own marketing as well, and if you are a writer like me then that is HARD! I am not a sales... Continue Reading →

Building an Ethical Launch Team!

The ink is still wet on my first book and I am already planning the next one. Actually, the next few books were written long before the Lion and the Peacock was even an idea, but that is beside the point. It is and forever will be my first book and it is not by... Continue Reading →

The Lion and the Peacock

Thanks Ren what a great post… thank you! Funny how you inspired me first, so don’t forget that!

broken down body

Next time I’m complaining that my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome has turned me into a useless blob, I’m going to remind myself that my fellow EDS-er, blogger and spoonie wrote a freakin’ book!


It’s not very long, in fact, it only took me an hour to read it on my Kindle app – which is good as an hour is just about the limit of my attention span these days. The Lion and the Peacock is a short book about Jennifer Peacock-Smith’s battle with anxiety. I believe that it was due to be a chapter within a larger book, but the decision was made to make it into a short publication in its own right. It works really well in this format.

I don’t suffer particularly from anxiety, but I care very much about a few people who do. This book explains in some relatable anecdotes just WHY anxiety behaves like…

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