Purple Heart Award

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As many of you know, I love the little people. I love the diehard supporters, and I love the people who are constantly there for others in all the little ways which add up to huge ways.

As I was thinking through October Art Blitz and the giveaways for the people who score the most points, I was reminded that there are some who, for one reason or another, will never win those prizes, but boy are they for me over and over again. They are the names that pop up time and time again in my comments.

These are the people who are there for me month after month. They are the encouragers, they are always sharing the love! And so I decided to give a prize to one of them each month as well, regardless of what other promotions are happening. Many of these people have already been there for the long haul, but others are new to my world and still have been so very encouraging, time and again.

So I will start writing those names down. They will be less obvious to people maybe, and they may not be on the score sheets, but I will choose one each month, and they too can choose from the Prize Pool, OR, as they are experts at what I have been making and writing about etc, they might suggest something else that they would like, it will be up to them!

I am looking forward to seeing who wins the Purple Heart Award in October!! (link takes you to the YouTube very short video showing in fast forward the making of the award. It took nearly 3 hours in real life!


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