Valentine’s Day Anyone?

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Wow, I can’t believe that it is Valentine’s Day again already! Where is the year going? This time last year I had a lot to say about this “holiday”, and I have to say, that I am still not entirely sure what I think. I still go “awwww” at some of the posts on Facebook today by people who were showered with roses and chocolates and so on. But I also still nod my head just as vigorously at the posts about how “stupid” it is. Those who say that it is a Hallmark Holiday are actually correct.

For me, the big thing is that I know that for all these events and “holidays” there is also so much pain for so many. The old saying “smile and world smiles with you” is kinda nice when you are smiling and it is all beautiful, but when you are grieving then it is the worst thing imaginable; to have everyone laughing and celebrating around you when your own world has fallen apart.

I know too many people for whom today is a tragedy, the recent loss in their own lives mean that today they are feeling as though everyone around them is laughing at them, mocking their sadness. No one actually is, and you can’t please everyone and quite frankly, if none of us were ever allowed to smile in order to respect those in our midst who are hurting, then none of us would ever be allowed to smile.

But I guess for me, there is space for love, all the time, but there is also space for compassion and understanding for all who are hurting today. So if that is you today, then I am sending you lots of love 🙂 xxx