What’s a Pre-Order?

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Ok, so the two hottest questions in my inbox right now are “What’s a preorder?” and its cousin “I bought your book and I can’t see it yet!” – with a mild sense of panic.

But there’s no need to fear. This is how it’s supposed to work. You buy it now at a huge discount, and then on launch day, if it’s an eBook it’ll pop up on your device, or if it’s a paperback Amazon will send it to your mailbox – for you to read at your pleasure (not forgetting to review at the end too of course :p ).

Why would I buy a pre-order?

1: The best reason is that it’s the cheapest way to do it. It’s an incentive to get the sales ball rolling, and so far it’s working. It means that on launch day, only seven weeks away, instead of starting with zero sales, I’ll start off with hundreds, and I’ve got my readers to thank for that. When everyone else sees it go “live” and grabs their own copy, they’ll pay three times as much as you did.

2: The second reason is – you won’t forget. We all have great intentions, and after my last book, some people who genuinely couldn’t wait to read it – forgot to. And that’s ok, but I don’t like reminding people so I didn’t say anything more. Then a few months later something popped up on their Facebook feed and they wrapped me over the knuckles; “why didn’t you remind me” they asked. When you preorder, we can all forget, and no one gets sore knuckles.

The bottom line is:

Strike while the iron’s hot AND get it on sale!

Here are the main preorder links, but you can get it on all the Amazon sites: Just click on your region and it’ll take you right there – USAusUK, and Canada.

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