Packing up one’s life!

People keep telling me how brave we are. It feels weird, as we don't feel brave. The theory of packing up our lives and having a season to rewind, repurpose, rewire our lives sounds to most people who've responded as a great idea... but brave. Why brave? Are we stupid, blind, crazy? Am I missing... Continue Reading →


Family Secrets!

I stumbled on this photo today. Well, not quite in this condition, of course, I had to hide the identities of all of them even though I would LOVE to put this picture on a billboard somewhere in all its clarity and colour! That's the thing about Christmas and New Year, even long before social media or... Continue Reading →

Is Yours a Luke-Warm Sea?

What breaks my heart are brands (authors & others) who don't succeed, not because they have no support, but because they drown in a sea of luke-warm support. An army of people who sign on in order to "be kind", to "boost their numbers", to "see what it's like" and who all assume someone else... Continue Reading →

Control Your Newsfeed 2

In THIS post last week I talked about gaining some control over your newsfeed by tweaking the "top end". This was about the "see first" options where we are allowed to pick 30 Facebook users only, whom you can always see what they post, and "see all posts" for all groups and pages that you... Continue Reading →

Tribe Talk 001

In case you've missed it, I'm passionate about tribes, and working within and through them. So I thought I'd do a series on how they work for me, and with November being Author Blitz month for me, I think it's a great place to start. So I spent this morning explaining a little bit about... Continue Reading →

Who Pooped in the cream?

I LOVE the smell of good coffee. I don't know what makes coffee good (or bad), but I do know that the smell of freshly brewed coffee is a fabulous one. It makes me want to like coffee .... but I don't. Not even a little bit. I wish I did, truly ... and I'm not... Continue Reading →

Are You On Board?

Hi to all my readers, friends, supporters and fans (like I have fans LOL)... are you able to help me launch my next book? Next year I will be launching my first full-length book, my memoir, but I won't launch till I have a full support team and the support to launch well. So this... Continue Reading →

#NaNoWriMo17 day 1

How stupid am I that I sign in to my WriMo account the first day of November and not before?? I can't remember my password for the life of me so I click for a new one and get this result: Um, ...... so the last half hour and the first 300 words typed in... Continue Reading →

What’s in the Prize Pool?

At the beginning of October, there were the following gifts in the Prize Pool. Those with blue links were filmed being made, and are on YouTube (just click on the blue link to watch). The first two I failed to video sorry! Which will you choose if you win? There is a pair of smaller green... Continue Reading →

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