Control Your Newsfeed 2

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In THIS post last week I talked about gaining some control over your newsfeed by tweaking the “top end”. This was about the “see first” options where we are allowed to pick 30 Facebook users only, whom you can always see what they post, and “see all posts” for all groups and pages that you don’t want to miss anything from.

But Face8book still only shows us each about 10% of what we could see if all our friends popped up on our news feeds. That means that I could still miss some stuff I’d hate to miss for whatever reason.

So the last few days I’ve been experimenting and the results have been way better than I imagined. This is more of a long-term tweaking project, but I did quite a lot of it earlier and feel I’ve broken the back of the job. And unlike the more purposeful yet vital task of the “top end”, this is even easier and faster and you don’t have to count.

Basically, any posts that appear in my newsfeed that I don’t deem in the top 30%, I click on the top right corner of the post and down pops a bunch of options, and I click “Unfollow Xblah-blah”. And that’s it. They are still my friend, they can still see my stuff, I can go and find them to see what they’re up to any time I like, they will never know they don’t appear on my newsfeed, and I will still see their major events.

However, when they click on every single post about bacon, 47 times a day, those don’t appear on my news feed anymore. It isn’t a moral issue, it isn’t about cutting them off, and they will never know the difference.

The vital part here is to remember that I no longer have bacon funnies taking up 5 of the precious 10% of all my friend’s newsfeeds! While those posts are harmless, it is easy to forget those posts are there INSTEAD of Mary’s grad pictures, Bob’s new baby, and my best friend who is currently in hospital or on an overseas trip.

You may not want to see Bob’s baby pics and those bacon pics may be the highlight of your day. Again, I stress, this has nothing to do with right or wrong. But Face8ook is currently making these newsfeed choices for you and you have the option of taking back some of that control. Say no to Bacon so you have a bigger chance of seeing babies … or the other way around if that suits you better.

The result: I have been blown away by the posts which have appeared on my newsfeed which are way more interesting to me than those whom I’ve unfollowed. And the good thing is, unlike the top “see firsts” of which there are only 30, the quantity of bottom bits, which I have “unfollowed”, is unlimited, and each time I unfollow someone, someone else pops on! (and if they are also not top 30% worthy, then they get unfollowed too).

Here are some reasons why some of your favourite people may still qualify for unfollowing:

  • You see them every day anyway, or
  • They belong to a Face8ook group you are in and both of you are very active there, or
  • You are in the same circle of friends so you see them on other’s posts anyway, or
  • They never share any news, or photos so you don’t get anything from them Face8ook wise anyway, or
  • They share mostly what you see as rubbish, or
  • They perhaps should be employed by click farms, or
  • They have a chronic interest that bores you to tears,
  • Etc….

Please don’t judge them and please remember that they will never know, and you can still interact in all kinds of ways, including Face8ook where you look them up or see them on regular posts by mutual friends.


To unfollow them you can go to their profile but the easiest way is to do it from your news feed. As each post pops up I ask myself, “is this worthy of the top 30% of posts I want on my newsfeed?” and if the answer is no, then I click on the 3 dots at the top right-hand corner of the post.



This box pops up when I do that: I click on the “Unfollow Xblah-blah” …. img_2469-2

You will get a confirmation that you’ve unfollowed them, which is great but also note the bottom line which I have circled in red. This is another way to check your preferences and “see firsts” at any point that you want to make sure you’re happy with your choices or tweak them 🙂


Hope this helps! Please let me know, and set your Face8ook settings to help you!


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Tribe Talk 001

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 8.15.18 AMIn case you’ve missed it, I’m passionate about tribes, and working within and through them. So I thought I’d do a series on how they work for me, and with November being Author Blitz month for me, I think it’s a great place to start.

So I spent this morning explaining a little bit about social media, how I use it, and its role in tribes and villages.

You can watch the video HERE.

In a nutshell, it explains the following:

•It explains villages and tribes…

•How we are just millions of dots randomly spread everywhere. Nowhere near the highways.

•That there are virtual highways, and if we organize ourselves well, we can place ourselves along them.

•If we jostle, shout & push, we will get nowhere, but if we collaborate we will more likely find a place.

•But we tend to congregate now in bunches of our own, selling to each other and getting nowhere.

•Instead of a butcher, a baker & a seamstress, we are a row of authors, or a row of bloggers/fitness instructors/artist/etc. Our numbers aren’t putting us on the highways!

•Tribes, villages & Shopping centers work for a reason and we need to go back to them… But lets first look at the shop itself.

•Here is what they look like:


◦Back of House

◦Back doorstep

◦Front of house

◦Shop Window


•They are slightly different depending on what kind of shop they are. Coffee shops are all front and barely any back. Dry Cleaners are all back and hardly any front. This is more than just space, it is also atmosphere and wanting to be there. Compare Starbucks front where it is all about the experience to dry cleaners who are notoriously grumpy.

•Do you simply provide a service regardless of how grumpy you are or do you need to draw customers in?

•This can feel overwhelming, but it needn’t be. This is what works for me:

◦I understand how these different parts work and why. I don’t waste time trying to make any of them be something they aren’t.

◦I have a strategy so that as I am working on each piece of the puzzle I am not stressing about the rest!

◦The pieces speak to each other! (e.g.: IG automatically posts to Fb, Blogs to Twitter and Fb etc)

◦Context is something you’ll hear me talk about a lot. I don’t try to do all things all the time. I spend time in each context and set it up well. No one puts posters on lamp posts every day, but now and then they pop out and check/replace them …. etc.

•We all belong to a number of villages. In the olden days we belonged to one and one only. It was physical, but it was also spiritual, educational, emotional, everything. But then people started moving to the city where they could choose their village and belong to a few. Study in one, live in another, work in a third and even worship in a fourth. It is a good thing for the most part but can also be lonely, fickle, & unreliable. The option of leaving means these villages can be unstable.

•A baker does not set up shop in a town of bakers. He sets up shop in a town with NO bakers… and lots of hungry people! In the olden days a bad baker who was the only baker still thrived. Now one has to be the best baker or people move on. And setting up against other bakers is asking for disaster.

•People in villages walk past our shops if they are shopping in other places. We need to belong to communities or tribes that will see our shop windows or our lamp posts when they are “surfing” their High Street. The villages/tribes that I belong to are:

◦My health community




◦Old school buddies

◦Art associates

•But I need to reach beyond them. I need to have those in my community share my stuff so that their tribes can also see my stuff. And people hitting “like” through their newsfeed is not support that goes beyond them-and-me. Just last week I tagged a friend to show her a post she really needed to see as it was about her. She “liked” my comment but still did not take the action she needed to take (she didn’t even read it!). Click farms and Like farms have killed “like” as a support measure. We need “Comment Ambassadors” who aren’t bakers, to comment and share our content so that their tribes see it, more of my tribes see it, and those people passing by can see that it has a level of earthly worth.

•I’ll do another video on what this looks like and how to get it as soon as I can, as this is getting a bit long… so comment below as many questions as you like….



•1: If people can’t find me at all, or they do and I have nothing to show, they will keep on walking past. You can’t change that fact.

•2: I need my shop fronts & windows to be active, clean, inviting, inspirational, warm, welcoming, and interesting.








◦The Mighty

•3: We cannot expect a place on the internet highways unless we collaborate, share, interact, and earn our place.

•4: Product/content is King!! Unless our products are brilliant, no formula in the world can make it a success.


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Who Pooped in the cream?

I LOVE the smell of good coffee. I don’t know what makes coffee good (or bad), but I do know that the smell of freshly brewed coffee is a fabulous one. It makes me want to like coffee …. but I don’t. Not even a little bit. I wish I did, truly … and I’m not just saying that; my husband is a trained barista and his Italian monster of a cafe sized machine takes up a good chunk of our kitchen counter. The sounds and smells of his coffee-making routines have filled our home for well over a decade now and are a decent part of who he is and his presence in our home.

So when I tell people I can’t stand the taste of coffee they are shocked (and some even horrified) as apparently, he makes the best coffee around.

So you see, I am well aware that the problem is with me, not them, nor my husband, nor even coffee itself. I just don’t like it. Period. And I never have. When I grew up, instant coffee was the rage and my parents took to it like ducks to water. Crappy granules that didn’t even smell good. But they loved it. And in hindsight, I am sure that it was my mother’s rebellion against her own mother’s dainty china cups and weak tea. It was the seventies and I think it made her feel “modern” as she rejected the teacakes and dainties of her own stifled youth and embraced large chunky (very brown) terracotta mugs of steaming coffee. As it empowered her (and annoyed my grandmother) her love for coffee spilt over to anything she could possibly add those strong smelling granules to; coffee scrolls, coffee flavoured cream, coffee icing, and even tea cakes became coffee cakes.

When I grew up, instant coffee was the rage and my parents took to it like ducks to water. Crappy granules that didn’t even smell good. But they loved it. And in hindsight, I am sure that my mother loved it so much partly because it was my her rebellion against her own mother’s dainty china cups and weak tea. It was the seventies and I think it made her feel “modern” as she rejected the teacakes and dainties of her own stifled youth and embraced large chunky (very brown) terracotta mugs of steaming coffee. As it empowered her (and annoyed my grandmother) her love for coffee spilt over to anything she could possibly add those strong smelling granules to; coffee scrolls, coffee flavoured cream, coffee icing, and even tea cakes became coffee cakes.

It took me decades to start unpacking my miserable childhood and as I began writing my memoir last year it finally dawned on me that I had been the piggy in the middle as my mother subtly yet ferociously rebelled against her own childhood and desperately needed me on her side. My mother does not cajole or encourage or explain. She judges and she bullies and she threatens.

Saturday “morning tea” (coffee and cake) was her favourite treat and the highlight of her week. We would all go to the cake shop and choose something special. I chose meringues or apple pie or sponge cake because those were my favourites. It never occurred to me that they represented my grandmother’s choices.

So my choices were squashed and I was not allowed to pick any of those things. I was judged harshly, scolded and belittled in front of the other customers and told that they were childish choices. That I needed to make more “adult choice” like coffee scrolls and basically, all her favourites. And so each week as we stood in the cake shop with a world of choice around us, I could only choose from her handful of favourites.

Coffee flavoured things or nut infested things made me gag. I never learnt to like them for whatever reason and so I would say no thank you. “Your choice” she’d say as if it was. As my siblings acquiesced and we drove home with cakes for everyone but me, and I sat at the table with the rest of the family watching them enjoy their spoils and chug down large brown mugs of coffee, I had to sit there, every week, with nothing.

For decades my mother would pick things for me, and offer me coffee flavoured cakes and creams and so on. Even as a thirty-year-old, she simply didn’t get it. She couldn’t hear I DON’T LIKE COFFEE!

“Oh I know”, she’d say, “but it only has a little bit of coffee in it. You’ll like it”.

NO, I WON’T! I won’t like it just because there is only a little bit in it.

A little bit of something one detests does not make it delicious. It isn’t like the odd brussel sprout on the corner of your plate that is actually good for you and you can swallow it quickly and then enjoy the rest of the meal. Cakes and buns and treats in my totally subjective opinion, are treats, and when I spend those calories and sugars, I want to spend them on something that actually is delicious for me, not on something laced with a taste I don’t like, through every single bite.

if you don’t like the cherry on top, put it aside. If you don’t like the nuts around the crust, leave them. If you don’t like the flavour through the entire thing, then what’s the point?

Coffee is an objective flavour and I totally get that most people in the world enjoy it. But what if it was a little bit of poop? What if someone dropped the cream, picked it back up again and a teeny bit of dirt and bird poop got in, so they just mixed it up so you could hardly taste it or see it?

A teeny bit of something you REALLY don’t like doesn’t make it go away.

Books to me are like cakes. Other than for study, they are special and delicious and a treat and we get to stand in the library or the bookstore and choose the one we would like to read and it has nothing to do with anyone else. So many people say “You should read this kind because it’s more adult” or “I know this one has scenes in it that make you feel uncomfortable but don’t worry about it … it’s just a little bit of whatever“.

If there is coffee or poop in the cream or the book, we won’t like it, no matter how much my mother or anyone else tells us we should. The world is full of books and we get to choose what we read. Over and over authors are told to stick to your genre, that if they add in bits from other genres they can get lost in no-man’s-land where there isn’t enough coffee for it to be a coffee book, but those who hate coffee won’t read it either. A little bit of coffee can spoil an otherwise fabulous book. And readers want to read fabulous books!


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Are You On Board?

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 10.53.59 AM

Hi to all my readers, friends, supporters and fans (like I have fans LOL)… are you able to help me launch my next book?

Next year I will be launching my first full-length book, my memoir, but I won’t launch till I have a full support team and the support to launch well. So this month I’m going to be sorting it all out, and I’d love to know who’s in, who’s out and what people are happy to do. I don’t want to put ANY pressure on anyone, I also don’t want you to feel you need to be there for me in ways that you don’t want to. Many of you signed on last time to be a part of my launch team and I made the HUGE mistake of thinking that everyone could do everything. But I was wrong and I apologize deeply and sincerely!

I want to do things very differently this time. To give you some idea of how this is going to go, here is what you can expect to see:

November will be loads of posts and lots of sorting, then we will be relatively quiet through to next year. I can’t launch till I get the numbers spelt out below, but when that happens, it will be all systems go for a couple of months through launch and that’s when I’ll need most of your support.

I need you to work out what you are happy with, so please feel free to A: pick one kind of support, B: pick a few ways to support or C: nothing (or to pull out now if you’ve already signed on), or at least pull out well before launch, so I don’t count on you and then get let down.

Here are the different kinds of support:

A handful of you signed on to be Beta Readers last time and you were an immense help. I have a bunch of tools and an editor this time, so by the time the manuscript gets to Beta Reading time, there will hopefully only be a few mistakes (if any LOL). For you lot, once you have signed on I will interact with you one on one. Beta Readers won’t be needed before next February, maybe even later. I need about 6 of you for this job. If you’re in please email me on the address at the bottom 🙂
Some of you are verified Am8zon reviewers, some of you want to be but don’t know how. If you are or want to be (or have a friend who is and is happy to let you review on their account), then you could be a part of this team.
I know that many reviewers hate lots of Facebook posts and don’t need to be part of the build-up and “hype”. So through November, I will be posting HEAPS here about ways to be a good reviewer, how to build your own reputation as an Am8zon reviewer (which has huge benefits), how to get books for free from my other author friends, and so on. Then at the end of November, I will create a mailing list for the Reviewers so that you can get once a month emails specific to this task without having to search your newsfeeds all the time for the relevant info. So again, please let me know if this could be you?
I can’t launch till I have 70 verified reviewers on the team, I’m praying to get at least 50 by the end of this month, and that’s a VERY tall order. These people don’t have to do a thing until launch, but I need them to commit now (and follow through). Then once the book is out those people will “buy” the book for free through the launch, read it and review it with an honest review.
Others of you don’t want to, can’t, or won’t do verified reviews, and aren’t into Beta Reading either, and I want you all to know that that is TOTALLY fine! I also know that many of you in this category are on Fb almost every day and that you are very visible. I desperately need a team of people like this as well, who can spend a minute or two when you are on Facebook, supporting my brand. “Likes” on posts these days have no success anymore because of “Like farms” and “click farms”, but comments and shares have huge power still. I won’t expect anyone to do things every day, but if you would like to support me by being a Brand Ambassador for Jennifer Peacock-Smith, then that would be awesome! The more the merrier of course, but I can’t launch till I have at least 20 of these. Again, please let me know if you’d like this to be you!
If none of the above appeals to you, please don’t sign on (or quietly remove yourself from the group if you are already on it). I don’t expect ANYONE to stay and won’t be offended I promise, but I need a solid team I can rely on and it’s better to slowly build it with committed members than to think it’s big enough to launch when it isn’t and in reality, half the group aren’t involved.
If you don’t join, (or leave) you will still be loved and you can still see everything when it happens on my Facebook Author Page linked below.

But if you want to join my team, I will eternally grateful! Please either:

*Email me at


*Sign on for my private Facebook Street Team Group HERE!


*Sign on for my usual brief, monthly newsletters which will have the basics each month HERE.


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#NaNoWriMo17 day 1

How stupid am I that I sign in to my WriMo account the first day of November and not before?? I can’t remember my password for the life of me so I click for a new one and get this result:

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 9.51.08 AM

Um, …… so the last half hour and the first 300 words typed in #NaNoWriMo2017 are my email address and new password over and over and over and over again… with no success… I wonder if 3 million people around the world are doing the same thing? Or if everyone else is way more organised than me?

Oh well… I’d better go write even if I can’t sign the numbers in yet! How’s your day one going?


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What’s in the Prize Pool?

At the beginning of October, there were the following gifts in the Prize Pool. Those with blue links were filmed being made, and are on YouTube (just click on the blue link to watch). The first two I failed to video sorry! Which will you choose if you win?

There is a pair of smaller green earrings and a pink/purple metal bookmark, which I made earlier.


There is the turquoise Inspire Pack in there.


There is the green Key Ring (or you could clip onto a zipper pull).


There are the Tangerine Swirl earrings which are fun.


Not to mention a signed copy of my book, should anyone choose it 🙂 But somehow I think the artwork will trump the paperback 🙂


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Purple Heart Award

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 11.09.29 AM

As many of you know, I love the little people. I love the diehard supporters, and I love the people who are constantly there for others in all the little ways which add up to huge ways.

As I was thinking through October Art Blitz and the giveaways for the people who score the most points, I was reminded that there are some who, for one reason or another, will never win those prizes, but boy are they for me over and over again. They are the names that pop up time and time again in my comments.

These are the people who are there for me month after month. They are the encouragers, they are always sharing the love! And so I decided to give a prize to one of them each month as well, regardless of what other promotions are happening. Many of these people have already been there for the long haul, but others are new to my world and still have been so very encouraging, time and again.

So I will start writing those names down. They will be less obvious to people maybe, and they may not be on the score sheets, but I will choose one each month, and they too can choose from the Prize Pool, OR, as they are experts at what I have been making and writing about etc, they might suggest something else that they would like, it will be up to them!

I am looking forward to seeing who wins the Purple Heart Award in October!! (link takes you to the YouTube very short video showing in fast forward the making of the award. It took nearly 3 hours in real life!


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Art Blitz Giveaway!

YouTube Prize Pool 01

It’s October (In Australia anyway!) Woohoo, and as many of you already know, art is a huge part of my life, and I love teaching and sharing it with those who are interested. I also love sharing the things that I create, so I have decided to give some of them away each month, and create some fun giveaways! So this is how it’s going to work:

October is going to be Art Blitz Month in the @JPeaSmith world, and it is all about getting word out there about the YouTube channel (which is where I showcase my art and teach for free), and the Facebook GROUP (@JPeaSmith Art) where I post all the patterns and instructions for free, and I will be giving YOU points for helping me spread the word. The more you share and tell people about these, the more chances of winning.

There will be 3 prizes awarded in October, one for the person who collects the most YouTube Points, one for the person who collects the most Facebook Points, and one for the new, monthly Purple Heart Award which I will explain in the next post.

YOUTUBE POINTS (You will earn):

  • 1 point for subscribing to the YouTube channel (if you are already subscribed that counts too!).
  • 2 points for every one of your friends and family you get to subscribe as well 🙂
  • 2 point for every YouTube video you share directly to your Facebook page.
  • 2 points for sharing this post to a group you are in and recommending it.
  • 5 points for something truly clever that you might like to think of yourself. Interview me on a big blog, share the channel somewhere that gets a load of traction, let me know what you come up with! 🙂


  • 1 point for subscribing to the Facebook GROUP (@JPeaSmith Art) (if you are already subscribed that counts too!).
  • 2 points for every one of your friends and family you get to join the group as well 🙂
  • 5 points for making something from the YouTube channel yourself and sharing the pic on the Facebook Group 🙂

The onus is going to be on YOU to keep tabs on your points and record them EITHER on the comments on this post OR on the pinned post on my Author Facebook Page  or on the pinned post on Simply start a comment on the post, and as you collect points across the month, just add them, tagging the people you add as you go, and contribute to the fun. See the example below…

As your friends subscribe and join, they will start their own comment and start earning their own points right away!

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 8.05.23 AM

I have created a Prize Pool, which is a collection of things that I make on the YouTube channel, and through October I will add a new item each week, to the handful already in the pool. That means by the end of October, there will be a minimum of 10 things in the pool for the winners to choose from. The remaining prizes will stay in there for the next Giveaways, and any excuse I can find to send them to people for free 🙂


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YouTube Channel!

YouTube Basics 001 Introduction

So over the last few months, I’ve been doing a little videoing of my art as I go. I have been encouraged to start a YouTube channel for years but I could not see how it could fit in with my life, writing, resting, travelling etc. But then I stumbled upon a few ideas on how to do it easily. I used to teach art and I love teaching but hate being in front of a camera. So I’ve decided to just be me, stay off camera, and teach as usual… and let the rest flow. I’m loving it, and I’m not putting any pressure on myself at all.

I feel as though it has brought together all the things that I love doing. It also opened me up to a whole new audience. So if you are into art, or YouTube, or just want a look, I’d love it if you’d check it out. Some videos are short and sweet, others for the die hard art fans, are longer and more detailed, but there will be something there for everyone, and yes, they will also be a platform to me to share what I think about the world, health, writing, other authors, and so on … as well as a place to keep doing what I love most 🙂

It will also create things to give away through launches and other events, so watch this space 🙂 …and as always, I’d love your support so please feel free to check out the links on my facebook page etc and share them, subscribe etc 🙂

Subscribe to see them dry & what I do to them next!

“Here she comes, running, out of prison and off the pedestal: chains off, crown off, halo off, just a live woman.”  ― Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Building a Launch Team 01

FullSizeRender 24

Welcome to the countdown to my new, as-yet-un-named book due out at the end of November this year! (16 weeks today actually!)

A whole bunch of you have followed my earlier series on Launch Teams and asked me about self-publishing, so after a couple of months hiding and travelling (actually very busy on other important things), I am now back in full swing and plan on taking you through every step of this exciting process. From the very beginning to launch day and beyond.

Step one is to set up a private Facebook Group which I have done HERE. The idea of this group would normally be to gather around a team of supporters, and that will still be the case for me, but this time it will also include a bunch of people who would like to observe the process and learn. It is an interactive group with giveaways, news, updates and so on, creating some buzz but also keeping an eye on the processes and progress. It is also a space for an author to be more vulnerable and share hiccups, fears, and even ask for feedback or help when stuck.

This group is usually the first to see book covers, have a say in book covers and titles, layouts and the like. It is a wonderful place for fans and readers to get close to the action as well. So please feel free to join me there, or let your friends and family know, if you think they may be interested.

Once we gather some decent numbers we can move to the next phase, but I will keep you all up to date with how it goes 🙂

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below!

“Here she comes, running, out of prison and off the pedestal: chains off, crown off, halo off, just a live woman.”  ― Charlotte Perkins Gilman