Ethical Tweeting? Part 1

IMG_3561Is there such a thing as “ethical social media”?

I am passionate about both truth and community. They may sound like somewhat unrelated concepts, but for me they very much go hand in hand, regardless of what our belief system is. I believe that community and belonging are at the most basic level of our needs, and I also believe that the deepest and safest relationships are created when they are born and sustained in truth. For me personally, I believe that some of the signs and badges of relational truths are Freedom of speech, Respect for each other’s voices, Empathy from each to the other, Equal measures of grace with your truth, and so on.

To me, I believe that truth builds safe communities, and that safe communities foster truth. In this combination we can grow freely as human beings, we can have space to all be different, we can all be “seen”, nurtured, respected…. And I believe this of ALL forms of community. When I think about anything related to betrayal, hurt, bullying, … some of them can be connected to truth telling (done badly) and communities (functioning badly) but none of them can stand beside both truth and strong community… and I’d love yo to challenge me on that one if you can find something.

I totally understand and respect the issues with social media and that bullies can hide behind anonymity, that we need to keep “real” relationships happening instead of only relying on the internet “fake” ones, but I will deeply challenge the concept of which are fake and which are real in a few posts time. Here I simply want to focus on the concept of the depth of our most basic need for both community and truth.

And like it or not, whatever way we each use Twitter, Facebook and so on, we all use them at some level for community. This to me crosses all boundaries, both cultural and religious, and I believe that the need for community is one of the few things that I can find, that is backed up by all view points.

My Psychologist, a staunch atheist, says that it is deeply built into our DNA to belong to our own tribe or community. Deeper even than our most basic survival need for food, is our need for our tribe to survive as a whole. If it is wiped out, she says, then we will be left alone and isolated, and that isolation is the worst thing that can happen to a person, worse even than death. This rings true for me, even to the point where solitary confinement is still one of the worst tortures in prisons and armies.

From a “God perspective” I can’t find anything that contradicts these concepts either, the Bible is filled (to my knowledge) with all manner of things that all point towards building of community and truth. Jesus told us to care for the widows and orphans, that he would prepare a place for us in community in Heaven, that we are not here to judge or condemn each other. Even the old testament  stories of wars and battles, are about survival of our own communities and protecting and standing up for our own tribes.

My mission in life is to encourage, build, and restore tribes and communities (without wars let me be clear!). These concepts are the threads through and the foundations under, almost everything that I write about whether it is about my broken body, my abused and broken soul, or even on sharing my very fledgling journey on social media. I have already been battling with my gut and all that I am learning about social media, as I find a space to build my community, but to stay true to my values of truth and honesty, encouragement and integrity. In the weeks ahead I hope to explore this further and I am excited to share some of the people and places that I have found that already shine like lights in these areas. I am clearly not alone in this mission!

I’m also on TwitterFacebookInstagram and Pinterest too.

Update on social media glitch:

So about an hour or so ago I posted about my experiences jumping into the deep end of social media, (keeping in mind that I am not a total newbie, I have been on Facebook almost daily since 2009, have been blogging regularly since 2011, and loove Pinterest… but I have never linked those accounts, wanted to promote myself or what I do, and Twitter and Instagram are both new (other than minor dabbling).

It has been a long day and I need to go to bed (it is nearly midnight here in deep dark Africa!). So I am sorry to post such a boring post but it would appear that connecting all social media accounts to each other has resulted in them all sharing each other! So this is what I have learnt so far:

1: The bulk of my writing and all that is serious is written here on my three WordPress blogs. So I wanted whatever to be connected to come from here. Instagram and Pinterest don’t automatically post for you, but Facebook and Twitter do. So I did that.

2: Sometimes I will post pictures or other comments on Facebook or Instagram, so I connected both of them to Twitter…

3: So when I posted a blog, it shared straight to Twitter (yay!) and straight to Fb (yay!) but then Fb shared it’s post to Twitter as well! So I was going to delete the link between Fb and Twitter but then when ever I post to fb it won’t automatically go to Twitter, so again logic, it was the connection between WordPress and Twitter that I deleted. This way I can post blogs and they will automatically post to Facebook, who will THEN post to Twitter, AND, when I put other things on Facebook, they too will go to Twitter.

I am now hoping that this works that way… here goes…

Update a minute later: worked perfectly and no double posts either!! WOOHOO! This post is once on fb and once on Twitter… and the Twitter tweet has the wordpress address and link on it 🙂IMG_6082

Time to hit social media head on…

OK, so over the past week both blogger Ren and writer Marie McLean have encouraged me to hit the big bad world of social media head on and to sign up to all the twittery things that get your writing out there. They both make it sound so simple but it isn’t! … I thought that I was doing pretty well after thirteen hours straight. Yes you read that right, I started at 9am straight after brekkie, ate a snack for my “lunch” at 3pm while I typed, had dinner (which was not much better) at 6pm… and it is now 10.30 at night…

I was just starting to feel that despite my poor fried brain, I had started to get a vague “#handle” on things when suddenly I started tweeting without meaning to! Somehow linking between accounts may not have been the best idea when there are a lot of photos involved in what I do (and so Facebook posts like this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 10.41.43 PM


which look great, however they have come out on Twitter like this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 10.28.23 PM

(the bottom one appeared as a connection from Instagram, the middle was then from fb as I shared my Instagram photo on my Facebook page (neither of which showed the photo) and then the top one was a different photo that I shared to Facebook. I have NO idea whether to remove the #JPeaSmith handles from my Instagram photos, or disconnect all the Apps from each other or what! (or how!!)… HELP!

…. Oh, and I would hate to think what posting this is going to do!! Here goes…..


1: It looks fabulous on Twitter (yay!)

2: It automatically tweeted FOUR times (yes, four times!!) All identical! why??

3: Hmmm… it automatically posted twice on Facebook! … I think that there is some overkill going on here….

4: Nothing at all happened to Instagram or Pinterest (whew… I think!)

Conclusion as of now: WordPress tweeted it directly and sent it to fb directly … but why twice (for both)? ….and I think that Facebook then automatically tweeted it too…

Step one: remove link between fb and twitter right now! … (although I will post things straight to fb and they won’t go to Twitter then?) double help!!!

Update an hour later: