Sharing & Book Signing.

I love a good book signing, but even more than that I love to speak about what is in the book and to share my story in a way that gives encouragement to others. Roll the two into one and it is even better.


So last week, when I had an amazing opportunity to do both and speak at Life Line here in Johannesburg, I was thrilled (and humbled and honoured!). For those of you haven’t heard of Lifeline, they are a nonprofit organisation across the world who provide round-the-clock telephone and scheduled face-to-face counselling sessions, for free, to anyone in need of help. They are and always have been a fabulous group of dedicated people. I have not had much to do with them until now, but I have always known that they were out there one way or another.

IMG_3751It was a huge privilege to be invited to speak to some of their local counsellors about my Book (The Lion and the Peacock) and my own anxiety journey, and the ways that I have conquered it.

But as Thursday rolled on, it turned out to be a cold, very wet and stormy night, on the eve of organised protests across our country, so I was sure that everyone would cancel and stay home. That I would be speaking to an empty room and a handful of organisers.

img_4278Counsellors, however, are a brave lot and I am so thankful to those who came anyway and were such a great audience.

They were super engaging and encouraging and asked so many great questions that the nearly two-hour Q&A session felt like about five minutes.

My lovely husband took tons of photos and videos throughout the evening and promptly lost the whole lot when he synched his phone overnight, so we have had to rely on the handful on snapshots taken by others (thank you Lifeline for sharing them with me!). But we also now need to try and remember some of the great questions so that I can share them with you! … so watch this space.


Thanks Lifeline for the opportunity, and this great endorsement:

Julie post LifeLine

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