To join the “Love your Spouse Challenge” … or not?

So in the past week I have been challenged by 2 lovely friends, one to participate in the love your spouse challenge, and the other to NOT participate in it (because it perpetuates the notion of only the top 5% of our lives goes on Facebook). For me both points are extremely valid, and so I have decided to try a mixture of both. I will accept the challenge and be posting the next 7 days (if nothing else than to give my friends a bit of a laugh!) But I will also be making a very real comment about the reality of life and the bottom 5%.
The first photo that I will share (with those close friends only of course, sorry you miss out) was taken a couple of months after our wedding, so we were still pretty blissful and extremely naive. In hindsight we really were just “two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl” … united by our love, but (unknowingly at the time) also by our extreme brokenness, a very long and complicated family history, and a ton of baggage that we didn’t even know was there. We were sooo filled with hope, we owned nothing but a suitcase of belongings, a parachute, a handful of dollar bills, no ticket out, no roof over our heads, and total belief in each other. I had turned 21 a couple of weeks before, and he was 22… and so that was the caption that I put with the picture.
Tomorrow I will put up my favourite wedding pic… with a caption about all the unromantic things, the “mistakes” behind the scenes and so on (the bottom 5% of the occasion) … and so on through the week…
I didn’t nominate anyone in particular but I did challenge anyone who would like to take up the opportunity to share some special moments, but to include the bottom 5% stuff that is behind the pretty pictures.
Which side of the fence are you, or are you like me and appreciate both sides? If so, don’t wait to be nominated … post away (and if you aren’t married, I am sure that there is space for all kinds of relationships to be celebrated… including you and your cat !!)