2weeks in Malta!

Exactly 2 weeks after leaving Malta, we’re leaving again! Why? Because we found a place to stay from the end of October, and they’re loving allowing us to store our belongings in the empty shell while they finish it for us (it has no kitchen yet). The camper van in the UK is ready early woohoo!! So we may as well go get it right! So tomorrow morning we fly to the UK to collect, finish setting up, and prepare for the journey ahead!

Yesterday I watched them unpack (and still did too much), then we celebrated, and tomorrow we fly woohoo!!

PS: Thanks so much to those who’ve offered to support and keep asking where and how! I’ll keep these links at the bottom of my posts for the next month 🙂 They’re the easy, no-spam emails I’ll send out no more than weekly (and believe me, I miss sending half of those) till the book launches and you can get your free copy!

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